I am a speaker and writer who works in that murky space where people and technology try to co-exist. My background is in organizational psychology and project management, and for over 20 years I have helped people and their companies understand how to work with new technology and manage change.


Companies hire me to speak and write on this topic because my storytelling ability paired with my deep industry experience makes learning and comprehension effortless and fun. For example, I can help you and your people:


  • Manage time and win back more hours of productivity (per person) in a day
  • Manage stress amid work and life
  • Manage change in yourself and your team
  • Understand the new technologies and techniques in communication and collaboration
  • Learn and master "soft skills" like critical thinking and network building - vital job skills in the connected economy.

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Attendees of past performances have enjoyed my storytelling ability, deep and direct industry experience, and session customization.

My presentations are often booked as a great feel-good kickoff or conclusion to corporate retreats and conventions. For more information on my keynotes and workshops please visit the Live page.


WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I also do voiceover work for podcasts and explainer videos (see here), and I perform regularly as a solo singer and with my corporate events band, Absolutely Jack. It's all about giving people a good feeling, at work and after work, too.

Click here to access my company's services in writing, e-learning, training and media production.
I'm a published author. 3 business books and 1 humor. Check them out here.
Looking for a corporate party band to entertain at your next event? My band plays yacht rock - catchy soft rock tunes from the 1970's mostly. We play anywhere in the Greater Toronto Hamilton area. Check us out here.
My  course in time management is available in e-learning modules via Teachable.com
Click here to read summaries of the CoolTimeLife podcast series.
As a solo performer, I bring backing tracks, a couple of guitars and a small PA to play your event or party either as an "act" or as background ambient music. Every session is tailored to your needs.  More details here.