Build Your 3T Blueprint: Talent, technology & Transition.

Change is a reality of life, both personal and commercial. But that doesn't necessarily make it easy or welcome. Most people actively resist change out of fear, uncertainty, time constraints, or simple economics. There is also a great deal of planning, project management, and communication required, which further diminishes its appeal.


Steve is a 20+ year expert in time management , change management, project management and stakeholder managements. His dual background in psychology and project management, paired with extensive experience in a wide range of industries, means you get to benefit from real, practical scenarios and outcomes, delivered in a dynamic, engaging way. His primary areas of focus are:


  • Large public facing organizations such as utilities, healthcare, government, and manufacturing who must introduce new technologies, procedures, and activities to their internal and external stakeholders.
  • Supply chain-related businesses, facing significant changes to the global economy and to the tools of their trade, ranging from quickly-changing politics to blockchain and environmental concerns.
  • IT companies and internal departments facing technological change including a shift from Agile/DevOps to CI/CD and continuous testing, as well as containerization and cloud security as a management/governance priority.

Steve delivers a 90-minute customized keynote, as well as workshop-seminars of one and two days, all guaranteed to equip you and your team with the techniques and timelines needed to manage projects, change, time, and internal/external stakeholders correctly. Focusing on the 3 "T's," Talent (people), Technology, and Transition, Steve combines facts and learning points with case studies and stories collected over his two decades of consulting, research, and writing, to help you envision your change strategy and build a workable blueprint.

To learn more, visit the Keynote page and the Seminar page.