Build Your 3T Blueprint: Talent, technology & Transition.

Get ready for your company's future...

The future is not 5 years from now. It's next year. Maybe even next month. Does your team know how to adapt, communicate, learn, and stay current in order to keep pace with the momentum of today’s global marketplace?


Relative newcomers like Uber, Tesla, Square, Airbnb, Space-X, Birchbox and thousands more have already demonstrated that no industry is immune from relentless change, innovation, and creative competition.


Listen, discuss, and build your own blueprint, by refining your three most vital assets: Talent (people), Technology, and Transition (a capacity to change and evolve). In this highly interactve and compelling presentation, Steve uses case studies and stories collected over his two decades of consulting research and writing to help you envision your company's strategy and build a workable blueprint. All inside of 90 minutes! To learn more, visit the Keynote page.