I deliver keynote speeches and half-day workshops.


Keynotes deliver enormous value by condensing decades of knowledge into a short period of time. My sessions are dynamic, engaging, and interactive. Guaranteed to provide solid takeaways and discussion ideas for your team.


Keynote topics:

  • The Innovative Workspace: A constantly refreshed presentation that looks at new techniques and technologies being introduced into the workplace - from AI-enhanced meetings to the latest in remote work, communication and collaboration. It's what you need to know right now for your company's next 5 years.

  • Cool Time: Delivers practical, proven time management, prioritization and productivity skills for today's work environment.
  • Managing Change. The pace of change continues to increase, but not everyone accepts it with open arms. This presentation discusses the physiological and psychological sources of change fear, and to best manage it within your organization.
  • Cool Down - Work-Life Integration: Based on my second book of the same name, this is an updated and pragmatic approach to balancing work and life, while mananging priorities and stress in a very busy age.


My workshops are generally three-and-a-half hours long and are held in the mornings to maximize learning while still leaving you half the day to get things done. W

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